School News

McCulloch Education Centre has partnered with well-known children’s author Sheree Fitch to work with both students and staff. Sheree has conducted workshops with teachers afterschool, and will be working directly with students in their classes on improving their writing abilities. Sheree’s enthusiasm for writing is contagious and the whole school is excited about working with her. By year’s end, MEC hopes to publish an anthology of student and teacher writing, highlighting the work with Sheree this past year.

Did you know that at Winding River Consolidated they start each morning with a school-wide “Write Away” time? These dedicated 15 minutes each day helps improve literacy and sparks the creative process. CCRCE’s Regional Executive Director, Gary Adams, stopped in to join the “Write-Away” session.

The Physics 11 class from Amherst Regional High School had a great time teaching Mrs. Devine’s grade 6 class about energy and how electricity is generated in renewable and non-renewable ways. The students were wonderful role models for the younger students. The students learned and practiced their new skills by planning and carrying out their lessons.