Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education wants to give our students the tools and support they need to succeed. That’s why every year, we work closely with Schools, Regional and Department of Education and Early Childhood Development staff to ensure we match funding to our region’s needs.

Our 2020-21 budget includes both new and continued support for students and families in our region, and is highlighted by:

  • Class caps.  These will stay in place for Grades P-12 continuing our focus on keeping classes small.
  • Improved student to teacher ratios, specifically for specialist positions such as guidance, resource, speech language pathologists and school psychologists. These positions are more important than ever as they provide tremendous support to students.
  • We know students rely on a network of professional and paraprofessional support.  That’s why, In September, there will be nine more people in non-teaching positions such as child and youth practitioners and teacher assistants in our schools.
  • All grade 1 students will continue to have access to the Reading Recovery program. This program gives specialized support to students who are struggling with reading.
  • All schools will have access to SchoolsPlus. This program helps students and families make connections to support services like social work, justice, mental health and recreation services and is especially important in helping students and families navigate the unprecedented times we find ourselves in due to COVID-19.
  • In September, we will be offering Pre-Primary at 42 site locations, and are particularly excited for Dr. W.A. MacLeod Consolidated, G.R. Saunders Elementary, McCulloch Education Centre, Advocate District School, Spring Street Academy, Harmony Heights Elementary, Truro Elementary, Valley Elementary, Elmsdale District Elementary, Enfield District School and Maple Ridge Elementary, which will be offering the program for the first time in September 2020. In addition, we will also be offering transportation for eligible children at all Pre-Primary site locations. This means that every 4-year old in our region has access to pre-primary – a play-based program that has demonstrated incredible success in helping students transition to school.
  • The development of our 2020-21 budget began in the Fall of 2019, well before the impact of COVID 19 was fully understood.  The budget assumptions made are always done on projected information, and 2020-21 is no different.  We are monitoring the impact of COVID 19 in 2020-21 and are forecasting the financial impact to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.  Our forecast information continues to be part of the Province of Nova Scotia quarterly updates. 


To view our 2020-2021 CCRCE budget, visit here.

To view our Budget Summary Infographic click here.