Instructional Framework

At CCRCE we believe that for our students to succeed and reach their potential, our teachers, administrators and school support staff must work from a common place of understanding. Our Instructional Framework is the guiding document for all instruction in CCRCE and is tied to the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan, the Continuous School Improvement Process and the Professional Growth and Appraisal Program (for teachers).

The purpose of the CCRCE Instructional Framework is to:

  • Provide clarity and direction in researched-based instructional processes expected in CCRCE
  • Provide clarity and direction in curriculum expectations as prescribed by the Province of Nova Scotia
  • Support teachers and schools in their professional growth
  • Support an aligned and focused system in CCRCE, involving all departments
  • Promote consistency and focus in messaging and support among our region, our four families and our schools.

This purpose will be supported by a common language of instruction that is shared by everyone in CCRCE. The CCRCE Instructional Framework supports teachers, administrators and support staff to talk about effective teaching, give and receive feedback, collect and respond to data, and to support reflection on practice.

The CCRCE Instructional Framework is comprised of three components:

  1.  Instruction and assessment strategies
  2. Classroom curriculum design strategies
  3. Classroom environment strategies

Each component has particular elements that are part of effective classroom practice. For example, the effective use of classroom environment strategies requires teachers to deliberately construct lessons considering aspects of routines, relationships and student engagement.

On a broader perspective, there are global ideas that are part of the fabric of effective classroom practice. For example: technology integration, a safe and orderly environment and working in a collaborative culture.
Focusing on any one component, element or global idea alone misses the essence of the complex and integrated nature of effective teaching.

Working within the structures and principles of the learning community, teacher use of these three interdependent pedagogical strategies will guide classroom practice to maximize student learning. In turn, organizational components will be in place to support the work of the classroom teacher and school administration.

This interdependent nature recognizes there is a balance required and professional judgement allowed around the science of instruction and the artistry involved in successful teaching.

It is expected the CCRCE Instructional Framework will also allow all CCRCE departments become better aligned.

To request a copy of the CCRCE Instructional Framework, please contact the CCRCE Print Shop at 902-897-8949.