Senior Management Team

The tasks and decisions relating to the daily operation of the school system are the responsibility of the Senior Management Team. This leadership team is comprised of the Regional Executive Director of Education; the director from each of the region’s four departments: Financial Services, Education Services, Operational Services and Human Resources Services; and the supervisor from each of our four administrative “families” of schools.

Regional Executive Director of Education, Gary Adams, is the educational leader of the region. He is the liaison between the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and schools, and communities. The Regional Executive Director of Education is accountable for the educational performance of students. He is responsible for ensuring all schools and regional offices are operated efficiently, and for ensuring the supervision of all regional employees.

Education Services provides direct educational supports and services to teachers and administrators in our schools. The department is responsible for developing and delivering programs and related services to students.

  • Director of Programs & Services: Aaron Callaghan

    • Coordinator of African Canadian Education/Services- Shelley Maclean
    • Coordinator of Mi’kmaw Education/Services- Melody Martin-Googoo
  • System Supervisor: Karla Mitchell

Operational Services provides student transportation (busing), maintains all schools and regional properties, and coordinates health and safety initiatives and requirements. Director: Herb Steeves

Financial Services provides planned and prudent management of the region’s financial resources through fiscal planning, budgeting, and financial management. Director: Valerie Gauthier

Human Resources Services provides employment structures, services and support so each employee positively contributes to student learning. Director: Jessi Taggart

Family of Schools supervisors report to the System Supervisor:

  • Celtic Family - 17 schools located in Pictou County. Family of Schools Supervisor: Blair MacDonald

  • Chignecto Family - 17 schools located in Cumberland County. Family of Schools Supervisor: Marilyn Bruce

  • Cobequid Family - 17 schools located in the northern, western and eastern parts of Colchester County. Family of Schools Supervisor: Ian MacLeod

  • Nova Family - 16 schools located in the southern part of Colchester County and the Municipality of East Hants. Family of Schools Supervisor: Sharlene Whelan